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Cornerstone Baptist Church
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Lexington, Kentucky


Cornerstone Baptist Church voted today (April 24th) during their quarterly business meeting to send a missionary to Papua New Guinea. With a $3,000 gift the church will aid in thousands of people hearing the gospel, village pastors being exhorted and encouraged in the word of God, schools reached, teachers evangelized, families evangelized, local churches preached in, and open air market place preaching – As the decision was being made at Cornerstone, an additional opportunity to speak the gospel was made across the world as a national rugby team will allow a private message to its players and possibly a public message to the stadium. If all that wasn’t enough awesome- There’s also been an invitation to visit a hospital while there. 
Praise God for His word, work, and timing!
Keep watch here as we witness God working through CBC